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Radon Testing

Archway Home Inspections provides radon screening measurements using the Femto-Tech's CRM-510, an EPA approved testing device. The Femto-Tech CRM-510 measures radon concentrations, along with temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. All this information is recorded in hourly averages during a testing period. Femto-Tech has established itself as a leader in the radiation instrumentation industry by providing only the highest quality monitors.

Why measure radon?

Radon is listed by the EPA as the number one environmental health risk home owners may face. During radon tests, houses are placed under closed house conditions for a minimum of 48 hours enabling better detection data on varying levels of radon.

Radon Mitigation

Archway Home Inspections is an insured and licensed radon mitigation company. Our radon reduction systems are designed around your needs as a homeowner. We use quality materials, and we are ready to listen to your ideas or concerns.

We follow The EPA and The State Of Ohio guidelines for radon reduction system installation. All of our systems are wired by a licensed electrician.

Average Costs of a radon system: $895-$1200
Radon systems come with a five-year parts and labor warranty.

  The majority of radon reduction systems installed across the country are sub-slab suction designs. A core hole is made in the basement floor, and a suction pit is created under the slab and vent pipe is sealed to the hole.

Note how the floor cracks near the suction point have been sealed. All accessible large floor cracks and open plumbing penetrations in the floor should be sealed.

The vent pipe is connected to a radon fan installed on the exterior of the house or in an unfinished attic.

Sump pits need to be sealed and covered. This sump has an access door and view port. Sometimes the sump pit can be used as the suction point for the radon reduction system.

Please see the web sites below for more information on radon.

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