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What Is the Process for Radon Mitigation?

Protecting your home from high radon levels helps to keep you and your family safe from serious illness. If you are buying a new home, having a licensed radon specialist test the home  is an important step to take before making an offer. For sellers, ensuring that radon levels are safe helps the sale of […]

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Radon Mitigation

Common FAQ About Radon

If you’re like most homeowners or hopeful first-time buyers, you likely have little to no understanding of what radon is. Because it can have serious consequences on your long-term health, however, it’s imperative to have radon testing done, particularly during your home inspection.  Archway Home Inspections provides testing and mitigation services to homeowners throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area  and […]

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Common FAQs

A Home Maintenance Tip from Archway Home Inspections

A Home Maintenance Tip from Archway Home Inspections “Gutter downspouts draining next to the house foundation will damage the foundation and lead to moisture penetration into the basement.”  How many times have I written this inspection comment over the last 14 years?!  Collecting relatively large amounts of water from a roof and dumping it next to one […]

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Maintenance Tips

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