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Common FAQ About Radon

Common FAQs

If you’re like most homeowners or hopeful first-time buyers, you likely have little to no understanding of what radon is. Because it can have serious consequences on your long-term health, however, it’s imperative to have radon testing done, particularly during your home inspection.  Archway Home Inspections provides testing and mitigation services to homeowners throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area  and can answer any questions you may have.

Your Radon FAQ Answered

1. What Is Radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring radioactive gas. It forms as uranium breaks down in the soil, and is then released into the air. Outdoor levels are low enough to be considered safe. Because it’s a gas, however, it can permeate cracks, joints, and even the concrete of your home, creating unsafe, elevated levels. Prolonged exposure to elevated levels can cause lung cancer.

2. Should I Test My Home for It?

Most radon testing is performed during the initial home inspection, but it’s a good idea to test regularly to ensure levels remain safe. Archway Home Inspections recommends testing every two years; however, if you have any home renovations planned, you may want to consider testing before and after the remodel.

3. What About a Home I’m Interested in Buying?

Radon testing should be completed as part of your home inspection, but double-check with your inspector first to ensure it’s included. Having this test performed before committing to a purchase helps you make an informed decision. If elevated levels are found, you can request the seller install a mitigation system.

4. How Much Does Testing Cost & How Long Does It Take?

There are low-cost DIY test kits you can purchase, but it’s a good idea to have a professional handle the process. A radon contractor can perform the test for a higher cost, but you get the peace of mind that everything was done correctly. There are two different options for testing: short-term and long-term. The short-term option is in place for 48 hours to 90 days and passively measures radon levels. Long-term tests are in place longer than 90 days and provide a better understanding of risk levels.

Whether you haven’t done radon testing since you first bought your home or you’re looking to purchase a new one, this is an important step in protecting your family’s health. With more than a decade of experience in home inspections, radon testing, and mitigation, you can rely on Archway Home Inspections to keep you and your family safe. Request an inspection online or call (513) 871-1473 for more information.

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